When it comes to throwing a birthday bash, Jack and Blake’s mom Kristina (who doubles as our Seattle editor), doesn’t skimp on the details. In fact, this mama of two is known for throwing some pretty awesome parties in her day. So when it came time to plan her boys’ first and third joint birthday party, Kristina pulled out all the stops to make her kids’ carnival themed celebration one to remember. Click through the slideshow to see how she pulled off this Big Top party for her two little clowns.

To get the big top vibe, Kristina rented a 20x20-foot party tent and decorated it with balloons and multi-colored pennant flags. She also hung red and white tissue fans on the picket fence surrounding the tent and a banner inside welcoming her guests to “The Big Carnival.”

What do you like most about this theme? Share your thoughts with us below!

–Kristina Moy

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