Crunchies in your breakfast bowl? Carvel’s iconic chocolate Crunchies are coming to your breakfast table.

The chocolate cookie pieces covered in a chocolate bonnet shell are a fan fave. Now this sweet treat topping is getting a whole new look—in a lineup of fab foodie finds you won’t want to miss! Carvel recently announced the debut of a brand-new chocolate Crunchie limited-edition cereal. Before you rush out to your local grocery store, read on to find out how to score a box of this delish breakfast blend.

Instead of the cereal aisle, you can only get this chocolatey breakfast goody at Carvel shoppes and food delivery platforms. The first 150 in-store and delivery platform customers at each Carvel shoppe location can nab a limited-edition box of cereal with purchase from Apr. 16 through Apr. 18, 2021.

Nicolle DuBose, Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer, Carvel, said in a press release, “More and more, fans are telling us they want to experience Crunchies in new ways – and we listened to them. With the introduction of Crunchies Cereal and our lineup of limited-time Crunchies-filled ice cream treats, we’re kicking off ice cream season in a big way and providing fans new opportunities to create Crunchies-filled memories.”

Along with the cereal, Carvel fans can also feast on other limited-edition Crunchies treats. These include:

  • Crunchies To-Go – Carvel’s famous chocolate Crunchies coated with Brown Bonnet.
  • Crunchies Shake – Vanilla soft ice cream blended with fudge and Crunchies.
  • Crunchies Dasher – Vanilla soft ice cream with layers of Crunchies and bittersweet fudge topped with whipped cream and a chocolate medallion.
  • Flying Saucers Rolled in Crunchies – Flying Saucer crackers filled with Vanilla soft ice cream rolled in Crunchies.
  • Crazy for Crunchies Cake Deluxe cake made with vanilla ice cream, chocolate Crunchies in the middle, and chocolate ice cream on the bottom, loaded with milk fudge, and covered in Crunchies on the side.
  • Crunchies Celebration Cake – Carvel Crunchies cake made with Vanilla ice cream, chocolate Crunchies in the middle, and chocolate ice cream on the bottom loaded with Carvel whipped cream, trimmed with milk fudge and covered in Crunchies on the side.  
  • Novelty Cones Rolled in Crunchies – Vanilla soft ice cream rolled in Crunchies on a sugar cone.
  • Vanilla soft ice cream on a Cake Cone or Cup Rolled in Crunchies.

Don’t wait too long to make your Crunchie dreams come true. These Crunchie-licious sweet treats are available exclusively in Carvel shoppes and from Carvel food delivery platforms for a limited time.

—Erica Loop

Photos courtesy of Carvel



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