If your mini-me’s are obsessed with Anna from “Frozen” or are prince charmings in-training, give them their very own castle to call home…at least for just a few days. Our friends at Mom.me compiled 10 storybook castles that are for rent. Flip through the photo gallery for your happily ever after.

Heritage Castle, India — $138/night

This recently restored, 22-room resort in India may not be an actual palace, but you will definitely feel as if you're staying in one, after a night in one of its luxury rooms. On its Airbnb profile, Heritage Castle is described as a "150-year-old fort nestled in the palm of nature." While we may have wildly different definitions of the word "fort," this gorgeous abode does bring you closer to nature, with its beautifully manicured gardens, horseback-riding lessons and safari tours (which you can take either by Jeep or by camel).

But your entire trip will be far from rustic, thanks to 24-hour room service, palatial-like estate rooms and a seemingly never-ending pool you will never want to leave.

Photo via TripAdvisor.com

Which castle would you choose?

– Kaitlin Stanford

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