Who doesn’t dream of a steady stream of mini marshmallows falling from the sky? Okay, maybe that’s not exactly your top fantasy. But it’s a pretty awesome proposition. Well, Ben & Jerry’s wants to make this dream come true — just not IRL. Yeah, an “in real life” marshmallow drop isn’t exactly something that happens every day. So that’s where AR (augmented reality) comes in. Check out what the ice cream superstars and Facebook are doing with mini marshmallows. Seriously. You’ll totally enjoy it!

You know all about those Snapchat filters that everyone is using. But what about Facebook’s filters? The platform also has filters — augmented reality filters. And companies are using these filters as magical little marketing tools.

Case in point, Ben & Jerry’s. Just log on to your Facebook account and use the AR filters to play a magnificent marshmallow drop game. In celebration of Ben & Jerry’s new marshmallow flavor, Jimmy Fallon’s Marshmallow Moon you can turn your very own selfie into a sweet, sweet game.

Load the AR filter and you get a pair of eyeglasses on your face, in AR of course. Next, marshmallows start falling from the sky. Just open your mouth and see how many you can gobble up. Oh, and if you’re all about trying the new marshmallow flavor, you’ll need to act quickly. This one is part of the Ben & Jerry’s “special stash.” These flavors are micro-batches that aren’t mass-produced. You can buy “special stash” products on the company’s website or in select stores.

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