There are always new products that keep us on our toes, but the realization that cauliflower Kraft Macaroni and Cheese exists sure was a doozy! First, that has to be the happiest cauliflower ever on the box, and second, how did we not notice that the classic kid-favorite pasta had a new variety––and that it came out months ago?!

The alternative mac and cheese boasts an “original” cheese flavor, but with quarter cup of veggies per serving added to the pasta. That means you still get that tasty, cheesy flavor that comes in the regular box, but with all that cauliflower goodness found in the noodles.

While we haven’t tried the veggie pasta ourselves, diners have remarked that it tastes virtually identical to the original flavor. It probably helps that the bright orange cheese packet we all know and love does a great job at concealing anything “healthy” about this dinner choice.

Not only does this covert mac and cheese help parents with the lifelong battle of getting their kids to eat more vegetables, we’re guessing it’s exempt from all those copious veggie recalls, too. Score one for parentals!

––Karly Wood

Feature photo: Kraft Mac & Cheese via Instagram



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