We know our readers understand that sometimes the best hat is not a hat at all. From the classic lampshade on the head to a tambourine, we’ve got photos of our staff member’s kids wearing household items on their head in honor of National Hat Day. Scroll down to see our kids in action.

charlie with colander on head silly hat dayphoto: Sara Olsher

Nothing says silly hat like a colander or a pot on the head. Every kid should have at least one of these in their photo archives, like this adorable photo from our Community + Marketing Manager Sara Olsher’s daughter.

jaime with spider on head hat day

photo: Jacqui Boland 

When you really want to think outside the “hat” box go for something with a little spook factor like this giant spider our CEO and founder Jacqui Boland’s son recently put on his head.

orion elizabeth in wigphoto: Erin Feher 

A true San Francisco girl, Bay Area Editor Erin Feher’s daughter has a new found love of wigs on her head. And we’re loving it!

too cute girl with double hatphoto: Mandy Hale 

Our VP of Operations, Mandy Hale, got her daughter in the spirit with her take on a sweet, street style. (And wearing cupcake leggings always cinches the outfit).

henrik with lampshade on head silly hat day

photo: Amber Guetebier

It’s not just a party-trick: putting lampshades on your head is all the rage in the preschool crowd, as demonstrated by Daily Editor Amber Guetebier’s son.

If you’ve got a silly photo of your kid, share it with us on Instagram or Facebook with the hashtag #redtricycle.

—Amber Guetebier