They act, sing, inspire and make you laugh. Brilliantly. That should be enough! But these über-talented people also write children’s books — ones that are amazing enough to keep on your kiddo’s nightstand and read again and again. Click through our gallery to discover the best reads from the coolest multi-hyphenates around.

“Naked” by Michael Ian Black

About the Author: While you might have seen Black on Reno 911, or on Ed or in Wet Hot American Summer, mostly you know him because, as he will tell you, he is a celebrity (very famous). But unless your kids have read his other books, they might not know his name.

About the Book: Naked is his new book for 2014 and it’s perfect for the little nudist in your life (and they all go through that stage!). This easy-to-read and super-adorable pick is about a little boy who loves have naked adventures … but he eventually realizes that maybe there’s a place in life for clothes. At least if they’re dino hoodie jammies. We also love I’m Bored, which features a little girl who gleefully illustrates how being a kid is the opposite of boring. (To a potato, who thinks kids are really boring.)

Ages: 3 & up

What’s your favorite celeb-penned book for wee ones? Let us know in the comment section!

— Meghan Rose