Who wrote your child’s favorite book? Maybe it’s one of the iconic children’s book authors (you know, Eric Carle, Stan and Jan Berenstain or Maurice Sendak). Or maybe it’s a celeb. Yep. celebrities aren’t just all about the red carpet and wearing designer fashions. Apparently, they’re into writing too. Okay, okay. So you’ve seen dozens of celeb tell-all tales that are pseudo-biographies out there. But that’s not what we’re talking about. Check out these awesomely adorable children’s reads that are all authored by the glitterati.

Princesses Wear Pants, by Savannah Guthrie and Allison Oppenheim. Sure, Guthrie entertains every a.m. as one TODAY’s co-hosts. But she’s also a mama and now a children’s book author. This pick is perfect for kiddo’s who need to understand that princesses don’t necessarily need to wear frilly dresses and sequins. Go girl power!

It’s Your World, by Chelsea Clinton. The former first-daughter uses all kinds of statistics, charts, pics and other information-y explanations to help older kids learn about what matters (or should matter to them). This book is geared toward older grade schoolers and middle schoolers, helping them to understand what they can do about climate change, gender equality, poverty and other world-changing ideas.

It Takes a Village: a Picture Book, by Hillary Rodham Clinton. Well, if you’re kiddo is too young to “get” Chelsea’s book, maybe her mom’s new picture book is the one to go with. Inspired by Clinton’s 2006 book with the same name, this kids’ version is a universal story about coming together and making a difference.

Marge in Charge, by Isla Fisher and Eglantine Ceulemans. Marge, a wacky babysitter, may be as zany as her author — comedian and actress Isla Fisher.

Everything is Mama, by Jimmy Fallon and Miguel Ordonez. What was your baby’s first word? If it was “mama,” she’s not alone. Fallon’s sweet book features different animals teaching their own children that there are other words in the world. That is, other than mama.

What’s your child’s favorite book? Tell us in the comments below.