When it comes to picky eaters, parents will try almost anything to get some sustenance into their little ones. Whether it’s getting sneaky with veggies or all out-bribery, mom of one and actress Melissa Rauch has been there.

That’s why she’s partnered with House Foods on her very first book, “The Tales of Tofu.” The e-book is a combination of soy-based and kid-friendly recipes combined with a sweet story about a shy tube of tofu, and your kids are going to love it!

Told with beautiful colors and amazing artistry, main character Tofu and his fruit buddies are on a mission to gain confidence after being cast in the school play. Tasty and healthy recipes are interspersed through the story and reinforce the tale at every turn.

source: House Foods

Rauch tells Romper that she loves to introduce her own daughter to new things by storytelling and books, and wanted to share the magic with other families as well. It’s her hope that The Tales of Tofu will help reinforce the importance of family mealtime while encouraging a healthy lifestyle.

You can download the e-book for free by visiting House Foods.

––Karly Wood



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