Celebs—they’re just like us. They take their kiddos to preschool, they grow precious little baby bumps and they dress their littles in clothes that cost more than some cars. Okay, so they’re not exactly like us. And maybe that’s why we can’t help but be obsessed with them sometimes.

When it comes to parenting in 2018, these superstar celebrities gave us social media sweetness, parenting hacks, funny stories and so much more!

Justin Timberlake's Huge Pregnancy Announcement

Okay so this wasn't his announcement. But when  Justin Timberlake's pregnancy announcement for a fan made it into just about everyone's social media posts, we realized (again) why we're all about this celeb dad.

Kristen Dunst's Sneaky Pregnancy Announcement

In the world of celebs, Kirsten Dunst's pregnancy announcement was a sneaky one. Instead of a gender reveal pic or another similar post, the actress low-keyed it and posted awesomely artsy shots on Instagram from Rodarte's fall-winter 2018 line. 

Kristen Bell's Super-Relatable Instagrams

We've all had our very own mommy moments. And Kristen Bell's Instagrams show that she's had hers too. When the actress posted a closeup of herself covered with Trader Joe's stickers (mid-shop), we all totally got it. 

Joanna Gaines Adjusts to Newborn Life

Having a newborn at age 40 isn't easy. And when Joanna Gaines' newborn Crew arrived, the mama of five got real about those all-nighters with baby. 

Serena Williams Paves the Way for Athlete Moms

Athlete. Mom. Inspiration. Serena Williams lost her No. 1 seeding for the French Open—penalized for taking maternity leave.  By the time the U.S. Open rolled around, changes were made so that mom athletes would no longer be penalized for taking much-needed maternity leave. Even though Williams ultimately couldn't compete in the tennis tournament due to an injury, it was a huge moment for women in sports.

Jessica Alba Welcomes a Baby Boy

It was a year of celeb babies. Jessica Alba was the first celeb to give birth as the mama to three delivered her newest baby on New Year's Eve, going into 2018!

Kylie Jenner Shares First Photos of Baby Stormi

Forget about nine months of IG pics. Kylie Jenner's surprise pregnancy shocked fans when she dropped the news that she had been pregnant after her daughter was already born. When the new mama finally posted photos of then-one-month-old Stormi, the world was totally smitten. 

Justin Timberlake Definitely Won't Be Coaching His Son's Football Team

With the Super Bowl on the horizon, one superstar said his son would never play football. Yep,  Justin Timberlake's son Silas won't hit the field—that is, if dad has anything to do with it. The whole incident garnered particular attention, given that Timberlake was the Super Bowl Halftime Show's musical act last February. #Awkward.

Kristen Bell's Daughter Finds Out Her Parents Are Famous

It's not easy to have celeb parents. When Kristen Bell's daughter Lincoln found out both her mom and dad are famous her reaction was priceless. 

We can’t wait to see what 2019 has in store for all of our fave celeb parents!

—Erica Loop



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