Nearly eleven years ago when Diablo Cody and Jason Reitman brought us the refreshingly honest, and sweetly sarcastic, preggo teen Juno, we all kind of fell in love. Well, the filmmaking pair is at it again with their new flick, Tully. But this time they’re bringing us a fully adult mama — who is pretty much the picture of the modern mother. And you’ll totally relate to her.

Charlize Theron is Marlo, a millennial-ish mom who is going through the norm. She’s up all night with the baby, falls asleep while pumping and drops her cell on the baby (umm, mid-nap!).

When she actually manages to make dinner, her family is less than thrilled. Okay, so she pops a cooked frozen pizza on the table. But that’s food, right? And we don’t all have time to whip up a magical five-course Top Chef-esque meal every night anyway. As Marlo serves up dinner, her hubby (played by Ron Livingston) proclaims, “Frozen pizza. Awesome.”

Enter Tully. She’s a nanny, sent to Marlo as a gift from her brother. Aww, now that’s a sweet sibling. The rest of the movie follows the bond the two women form.

We’re sold! The only thing we’re not loving about Tully is that we have to wait until April 20th to see it.

How would a nanny make your life easier? Tell us in the comments below.