Who has time to buy TP? If you’re tired of seeing an empty cardboard tube hanging in your bathroom, Charmin has a toilet paper product you need ASAP—the Forever Roll!

So what exactly is the Charmin Forever Roll? Despite the clever name, the roll doesn’t actually last for forever. But according to reports, it can last for up to three months in a single-user household. That is, unless you have a curious toddler who wants nothing more than to unravel the entire roll daily.

photo: Charmin

The rolls come into two sizes: a 12-inch diameter multi-user and 8.7-inch diameter single user option. If you just can’t fathom what a Forever Roll looks like, think of those mega-sized rolls you’d find in just about any Target, Walmart or other large-scale retailer’s bathroom. It’s that big.

Before you start scouring local grocery stores for the Forever Roll, stop. This TP is only available online from Charmin’s website. Along with the rolls, you can also buy freestanding or wall mounted holders. And if you buy three rolls at the same time, the holder is free.

The Forever Roll starts at $9.99 for a single roll. Starter kits (three rolls and a stand) range from $39.96 to $59.96, depending on the stand you choose. But if you visit Charmin’s website now you can get either option for the sale price of $29.97.

—Erica Loop

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