photo: Pixabay

With the kids out of school and hot sunny days ahead, it’s no wonder summer is one of the busiest and most expensive travel seasons of the year. With a little planning and flexibility, however, you can save some money.

Fourth of July Savings
Holidays are a peak travel time and therefore more expensive. To cut back on the cost of traveling for Independence Day, Kayak suggests traveling to your destination on July 2 and returning on the 5th. Leaving earlier or returning later, like June 30 to July 7, could nearly double the cost of travel.

The Dog Days Cost Less
It’s exciting to jump into vacation mode the second the last school bell rings, but if you put off your trip till the end of summer it can mean spending less to go to the same place. According to Kayak, the cost of airfare travel will likely peak at the end of June, with June 28-30 being the most expensive days of the summer to fly. Instead, wait until August, or even September if possible, to take a trip.

The Last Hurrah
If you do save your trip all the way until September, plan carefully around Labor Day. Kayak suggests avoiding travel on August 31, as it will be the most expensive day of the holiday weekend.

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