Now this is definitely one kid Santa has on his good list. After all, it’s not every Saturday morning your child wakes up and announces he’s using his money to feed the homeless. But that’s exactly what Reddit user Phineas1713‘s son wanted to do. Sharing the Christmas spirit early, this generous guy spent all $120 of his savings to fill brown bags with sandwiches, fruits and treats for the needy. The pint-sized good samaritan then personally passed the bags out to the hungry in Houston. Check out the heartwarming story and photos below.

1 - fvHRjOZ

Reddit user and dad of three, Phineas1713, said he thought about telling his son to save his money and let mom and dad pay for the groceries, but the light in his boy’s eyes convinced him to let his lil’ dude roll with it.

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Dad making sandwiches.

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Here’s the boy with the heart of Christmas happily stuffing each bag with food he handpicked at the grocery store.

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Total number of bags containing lunches for homeless in Houston.

6 - z2BAREK

While the boy did most of the handing-out, this was the only photo they got of the lunch bags in action. However, Dad and mom must be proud of how their son is acting as a real Santa Claus!

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— Christal Yuen

photos: Phineas1713 via imgur