photo: General Mills

Dish up your breakfast cereal with a side of eco-awareness. For a limited time Cheerios has removed its famous buzzing bee from the box and is giving away wildflower seeds in an effort to raise awareness about bee endangerment. Read on to find out how you can help save the bees with some free seeds.

Cheerios wouldn’t be the same without honey, or the honey-loving bee, Buzz, who has been a breakfast cereal icon for generations of kids. In a brand new campaign, #BringBackTheBees, Cheerios has left an empty void on their boxes where Buzz normally appears and is giving away 100 million wildflower seeds. The campaign is part of their effort to help repopulate American bees, which were recently added to the endangered species list.

They’ve already hit their goal of giving away 100 million seeds, but they are still giving them away. To request your free seeds, simply visit the #BringBackTheBees website and click on the link to enter your mailing address. The site says seeds should arrive in 4-6 weeks  — just in time to plant for the season.

Will your family “bee” joining the effort to save the bees? Share your thoughts in the comments!