There are more and more Chicago-centric apps out there — which means family outings (like playground visits!) are more fun and everyday stuff (like finding parking!) is less hassle. We sifted through them to give you the 12 must-haves, including ones that help you park, pay your dinner bill and even find a potty. Flip through our photo album for the scoop.

Park Chicago

You’ve been meaning to download this app for a while, so we’ll go ahead and list all the reasons you should do it now: no more running to the paybox. No more waiting for the thing to print your receipt. No more littering your car with said receipts. No more interrupting a meal or appointment to run back and wait for the thing to print your receipt … you get the idea. This thing is easy, sending you reminders when your time’s almost up. Renewing is simple since your credit or debit card is linked when you sign up. There’s a $0.35 surcharge if you park less than two hours, and your account needs a minimum of $10 at all times; worthy hindrances, we say. Free on insert text here iTunes and insert text hereAndroid.

What is your family’s must-have app? Let us know in the Comments section below.

— Selena Kohng

photo: Jenny Downing via flickr