The list of birthday party options is growing, but sometimes the best parties are those at home.  You can have the party when you want, serve the food you want, and now you even have your choice of entertainment. Scroll through to find the perfect party option for your kiddo, order up a cake and you’ll be making wishes come true in no time!

For Harry Potter fans: The Great Scott

This magician engages his audience as he begins with hilarious jokes. Even parents will get sucked into the show. And while a master never divulges his tricks, we can say that the show ends with each little audience member getting a balloon animal. The pre-k family show is 30 minutes and the all-ages show is 45 minutes—although you might wish you could trick him into performing a little longer.

Party packages start at $395, however prices may vary depending on age and number of guests. Book your party by calling 847-361-0924. Get more info online at


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— Lisa Snart & Jo Aaron