Life in “The Square” definitely has its benefits. The homey indie businesses! The summer concerts in the plaza! The adorable German vibe! If you live there — or are considering it — you already know how awesome Lincoln Square is for families. Read on for 10 signs you’re a parent in this blooming ‘hood. Do you relate to them?

1. You proudly walk to your Wiggleworms classes.


photo: Old Town School of Folk Music / Kevin Viol

2. Summer Thursdays look like this: play time at Welles Park, dinner at Costello’s, gelato at Paciugo and family music at the fountain. Yes, every Thursday.


photo: Lincoln Square / Ravenswood Chamber of Commerce

3. Davis Theatre is close to your heart. Your kiddos see all the new movies there — and don’t miss the mega cineplex one bit.


photo: Davis Theatre

4. Typical order-in night is Korean food.


photo: San Soo Gab San

5. You’ve brought your kiddo to a “session” at The Grafton Pub. And hosted at least one birthday party there.


photo: The Grafton Pub

6. Convenience is key. Especially considering that your kids can get their hair cut AND cut loose in the same building. (Give it up for Pickle’s Playroom!)


photo: Pickle’s Playroom / Tunes With Tim

7. You live in a three-story walkup. And even though climbing all those stairs is exercise enough, you’re a proud member of Lincoln Square Athletic Club.


photo: Lincoln Square Athletic Club

8. Your kids know the word charcuterie (and love it!) thanks to Gene’s Sausage Shop & Delicatessen. Rooftop season, here you come.


photo: Gene’s Sausage Shop via Richie D. on Yelp

9. A good time filler is walking the kids over to Mariano’s and going nuts over all the free samples.


photo: Mariano’s

10. Date night means not having to leave the ‘hood. After all, that’s what Huettenbar and Bistro Campagne are for!


photo: Bistro Campagne

What do YOU think is a sign of being a parent in Lincoln Square? Share it in the Comments below!

—Story by the fun folks at NPN (Neighborhood Parents Network)

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