Whether you ‘gram on the regular or just like to peek at other people’s photos, you’ve seen how addicting Instagram can be. Get ready to be even more enchanted. We scoured feed after feed to bring you the 11 coolest Chicago moms on Instagram. With images full of style, food, fun and local personality, they offer inspiring looks at the lives of other mamas near you. Click through our album to see who you need to be following now.

How About Cookie

This is the stuff food-art daydreams are made of. Selena Kohng elevates food to a whimsical place -- and inspires kids to eat their greens, in the process. Her Instagram is full of examples of what you can do with simple veggies and fruits. We are so lucky, too, to call Selena a Red Tricycle Chicago Contributing Writer.

Instagram handle: @howaboutcookie

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— Kelly Aiglon