Chicago is foodie central, and that goes for the knee-high residents, too. But as a busy parent, it’s tough to whip up creative meals day after day. When you need a dash of inspiration, check out local kid-centric food blogs. Flip through our photo album and get ready to restock your recipe folder with great ideas.

Delicious Nutritious Adventures

Purple Asparagus is a local volunteer-run nonprofit dedicated to educating children and families about nutrition and bringing healthy foods into schools and community organizations. Its blog takes you on fun foodie field trips and introduces irresistible, kid-friendly recipes such as lasagna cupcakes, chicken-chili cups and purple bean soup.

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Where do you go to get great recipe ideas? Let us know in the Comments section below.

— Heidi Moore

Photos: Courtesy of Nutrition Unplugged, Indian As Apple Pie, Momma Cuisine, Homemade Mothering, The Children’s Table, Chef Druck, West of the Loop, Purple Asparagus