If kids ruled the world, every day would start and end with dessert. Who votes for apple pie? Yep — it’s the season for the tart and sweet treat, and if you don’t have time to whip up your own, local restaurants and pie shops have you covered. Flip through our album to find out where you can get the best.

Ice Cream Dream: Andy’s Frozen Custard

Wait -- this isn't apple pie! In a way, yes, it is. Apple pie à la mode is turned inside out at our favorite frozen custard store. Just ask for the apple pie concrete (it's a seasonal indulgence and is available starting in mid-October). Whole slices of fresh-baked apple pie are smashed with two scoops of freshly churned vanilla custard. Thick chunks of buttery crust add a touch of salt and crunch to this treat, which you won't be able to rip from your kids' hands. You can also order a more traditional apple pie sundae, with a scoop of custard and drizzle of caramel topping a slice of pie.

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260 S. Weber Rd.

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Oak Lawn

5745 S. LaGrange Rd.
Online: eatandys.com


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— Amber Gibson