Lincoln Park and Lakeview are always hopping. And swinging. And sliding. And climbing. You get the idea — they have great playgrounds! If you live in the area or are looking for a great place to park-crawl for the day, these are the ones you really want to check out. Click through for the 411 on splash pads, spraygrounds, playlots and more.

Adams Playground Park

While many places offer sprinklers, this one is a veritable water park with a mini slide and pipes springing “leaks.” The waterfalls are gentle enough for babies, but you’ll find older kids in the mix, too. Just beyond the fenced-in splash area is a playground and generously sized sandbox filled with toys. Bonus: The fieldhouse here is one of the nicer ones around town; take advantage of it for potty breaks and changing in and out of swimsuits. Admission is free.

1919 N. Seminary St. (312-742-7787 or

What is YOUR favorite playground in Lincoln Park or Lakeview? Let us know in the Comments!

— Kelly Aiglon, with additional reporting by Mistie Lucht & Selena Kohng