If it looks like a LEGO volcano erupted in your living room, then you’re in for a treat. We found places around town where you can build big with LEGOs and get tips from the pros. From shops to play spaces to conventions, there is something for every brick lover. Flip through our photo album to find out where to go.


Tap into this organization's after-school programs, summer camps and birthday parties revolving around LEGO play. They take place at community centers and schools from Lincoln Park to Woodridge. Newbies can dip their toes in the pool with LEGO fundamentals (emphasis on “fun”) and advance to pre-engineering (building boats, bridges, mazes and more). There's even Jedi LEGO engineering for little Star Wars fans. (415-578-2746 or online at play-well.org)

Where do you go to play with LEGOs? Let us know in the Comments section below.

— Matt Kirouac

Photos: Courtesy of Play-Well, C&A Robot Factory, LEGOLAND Discovery Center, Beth Weis, The LEGO Store, Brickworld, Chicago Architecture Foundation