See a teeny-tiny Chicago. Play hide and seek with great, big massive trolls. Mask up and visit life-like dinos taking up residence with zoo animals. The options for family time are endless and there’s more where that came from. Read on, plan on!

photo: Morton Arboretum

Stop to Smell the Roses at Chicago Botanic Garden
The Garden is officially open for colorful exploration and out-of-the-house entertainment that lends itself to continuing the social distancing. Be sure to pre-register! Fri.-Sun. Event details.

Swim (or Walk, Really) with the Fishies in Greektown
Stroll down Halsted St. in Greektown and enjoy 22 fanciful fishie sculptures showcasing the imagination of young Greek students and their teachers. Fri.-Sun. Event details

Dabble in Museum Play at Kohl Children’s Museum’s Pop-Up
Kohl Children’s Museum’s Pop-Up will include favorite elements from past appearances as well as two new exhibits making their debut. Fri. & Sat. Event details.

Find the Trolls at Morton Arboretum
Something special emerged from the vast spaces at Morton Arboretum. . . unusual creatures, each made of reclaimed wood and 15- to 20-feet-tall. Guardians of the forest, who are trying to make sense of the human world. Good luck with that, Trolls! Fri.-Sun. Event details

Dance Your Hearts Out with Bubbles Academy
Get movin’ & groovin’ in a Virtual Family Music & Movement class! Fri. Event details. & Sat. Event details

See a Tiny Chicago
Chicago Architecture Center has reopened its Chicago Model, which features more than 4,250 mini buildings that replicate our city. Fri.-Sun. Event details

Hit Up a Hot Dog Stand
Love ’em or leave ’em, hot dogs are big in Chicago, and if your kids haven’t begged for one yet, they will soon. Grab one at a legendary local spot and turn eating into an adventure. Fri.-Sun. More details.

Field Trip to the Baha’i Temple Gardens 
Take in the beauty of Baha’i Temple with a garden walk. Fri.-Sun. More details.

Say Hi to the Animals at Lincoln Park Zoo
Yep, Lincoln Park Zoo is open and, as always, FREE for all! Pre-register for a time slot and check out the animals in the outdoor enclosures. Don’t forget your mask! Fri.-Sun. Event details.

Pay a Visit to Brookfield Zoo
Brookfield Zoo is officially open! Be one of the first to visit and you’ll be rewarded with the new Dinos Everywhere exhibit. Be sure to pre-register and show up masked and ready to explore! Fri.-Sun. Event details

Seek Out the Best Chocolate Chip Cookie in Chicago
Chicago does the indulgence justice because we have kid-friendly bakeries and restaurants that make delicious, from-scratch versions of the treats. You’re never far from your next fix. Fri.-Sun. More details

Show the Kids a Few Wacky Roadside Stops
There are quite a few interesting sites around Chicago you can view without stepping out of your car. Set out on an adventure to find them with the family. Fri.-Sun. Details.

Cruise the Waterways on a Fireboat
Once the largest diesel-powered Fireboat in the world, the Fred A. Busse is now set to share a bit of history with its passengers. Fri.-Sun. Event details

— Maria Chambers


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