Guess what, people? We made it! Spring is springing after this weekend and boy is Chicago a flurry of activity. You can tap into maple syrup season, catch a bit of theater or a concert for the wee bits or . . . Well, just read on! We’ll give you the scoop on where to find the fun!

photo: That’s Weird Grandma: Rise of the Rock Spectacular



That’s Weird Grandma: Rise of the Rock Spectacular
Imagine an incredible rock concert, completely penned by young authors and composed by Chicago actors and musicians! This music-infused revue will feature rocking guitar solos, plenty of jokes and a new opening band each week! Sun. Event details.


Jack and the Beanstalk: A Panto Adventure
Oh no! Princess Rose has been kidnapped by the Giant, Blunderbore. Oh my! Jack’s magical beans grew a gigantic beanstalk to the Giant’s castle in the sky. Can Jack climb the beanstalk and rescue the Princess? Or will she have to rescue him instead? Sat. Event details.

Near North Side

The Year I Didn’t Go To School: A Homemade Circus
Let your imaginations soar as 7-year-old Giselle and her sister Chloe travel through Italy by truck performing in their parent’s puppet theater company. The Year I Didn’t Go To School: A Homemade Circus is sure to be a thrilling theatrical experience, combining circus elements and a unique story. Fri.-Sun. Event details.

Family Flamenco Matinee Concert and Workshop
Instituto Cervantes of Chicago will host 20-minute flamenco performances with acclaimed Spanish flamenco artists. These performances will be followed by introductory workshops  where both children and parents can learn the basics of flamenco dance, guitar, voice and percussion. Sun. Event details.

Wicker Park

DJ Dance Party with DJ Matt ROAN
Local DJ Matt ROAN and Mr. Dave team up to bring you the best kid friendly beats in town. DJ ROAN spins a 40-minute set that gets even the littlest of guests busting a move. Fri. Event details.



Maple Fest
Watch a tree tapping demonstration and learn all about the process of making syrup at the Red Oak Nature Center. Programs begin every hour, on the hour. Purchase a maple snack and enjoy it while taking in beautiful views of the Fox River. Sat. Event details.


The Actors Gymnasium Presents Quest
Last chance to see Quest, an original circus-theater production loosely based on Leo Tolstoy’s short story The Three Questions. The protagonist asks three simple (but huge) questions, setting in motion a whirlwind journey to find the answers. Fri-Sun. Event details.


Be Enchanted by Trains that Glide Through Every Season
The kiddos can watch trains travel through all four seasons with the Enchanted Railroad. They’ll see bright orange pumpkins in the fall display, and they’ll even spy fluffy little daffodils as the trains sweep through spring. Fri.-Sun. Event details

Oak Park

The Boogers Perform at Wonder Works
See The Boogers at Wonder Works Lights! Camera! Action! stage. The full band will be there, including Crusty, Greenie and Sticky on drums. The Boogers will be performing original and classic children’s music in their now famous rock ‘n’ roll style. Sun. Event details.


Coyote Tales Fireside
Listen to the stories of Coyote, the lovable and laughable Native American literary character who is hero, clown, educator, magician and fool, all wrapped in one! This indoor fireside includes a break for a craft and hot cocoa. Sat. Event details.

For more ideas on how to spend your weekend, check out our Family Events Calendar.

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— Maria Chambers