Birds are singing their sweet-sweet songs. The sun is shining. And everyone is feeling alright because spring has made her debut. Keep the good vibrations going this weekend with guided hikes, interactive experiences and outstanding museum exhibits to work those brains. Hello, spring. So unbelievably glad you’re here.

 photo: Caleb Oquendo via Pexels

Get Outside & Take a Guided Hike at Morton Arboretum
A naturalist guide will show you the lesser-known trails and fill you in on the history of the Arboretum and the plans and animals that call it home. Fri. Event details

Enjoy a Tasty Hike at Morton Arboretum
During the Maple Tapping Woodland Family Hikes in March, discover (and taste!) the fascinating cultural and natural history of maple trees on a guided, family-paced hike through the Arboretum’s collections. Sat. Event details

Spend an Afternoon with the Fishies in Greektown
Created by a diverse group of Chicago artists, the Fanciful Fish sculptures celebrate Greek culture from mythological gods and seaside vistas to the language. Fri.-Sun. Event details.

Prep for Spring with a Virtual Garden Fest
Attend the Great Grow Along, a three-day virtual garden fest designed to help gardeners learn, connect and grow with more than 40 sessions with passionate authors, speakers and influencers. Fri.-Sun. Event details

Explore Field Museum’s Apsaalooke Women and Warriors exhibit
From 100-year-old war shields to contemporary beadwork and fashion, Apsaalooke members tell their stories and share vibrant works of art. Fri.-Sun. Event details.

Transform Your Home into a Children’s Museum
If you’re missing DuPage Children’s Museum, turn your home into a hands-on museum by having portable exhibits delivered right to your doorstep. Fri.-Sun. Event details.

Last Chance! Play Hide-and-Seek with Gnomes & Trolls
Gnomes invaded Morton Arboretum for a game of hide-and-seek in the Children’s Garden. Can you find them all? While you’re at it, you can also look for Trolls. Fri.-Sun. Event details.

Geek Out at Museum of Science & Industry’s Marvel Exhibit
Marvel: Universe of Super Heroes celebrates Marvel history with more than 300 artifacts, including original comic book pages, sculptures, interactive displays and costumes and props from Marvel’s blockbuster films. Fri.-Sun. Event details

Check Out Mandela: Struggle for Freedom
Illinois Holocaust Museum’s exhibit traces the history of the fight against apartheid in South Africa. Among many dramatic features and original artifacts, visitors will see a replica of the 8-foot by seven-foot cell where Mandela spent 18 years. Fri.-Sun. Event details.

Intro the Kids to Friends
Get a Chicago-style Italian Beef ready for sandwich-loving Joey because the wildly popular FRIENDS Experience is open! The two-story experience celebrates the series’ most iconic moments. Fri.-Sun. Event details

Reopened! Have an Interactive Experience at WNDR Museum
WNDR Museum has reopened with one-of-a-kind touchless and interactive installations from artists, collectives and studios locally and globally. Fri.-Sun. Event details

Enjoy the Warmer Temps & Take a Hike
Get a good dose of fresh air, unforgettable scenery and a chance to spy on animals in their natural habitats with a spring-time hike. Fri.-Sun. Event details.

Attend a Virtual Sleepover with Shedd Aquarium
During this sleepover, families will explore the impressive world of aquatic animals with a special emphasis on tropical animal adaptations, with up-close animal encounters. Fri. Event details

Didn’t find what you’re looking for? Luck is on your side because we have loads more to-dos on our calendar—even lots of virtual activities to connect with people, museums and businesses all over the country. Check it out!

— Maria Chambers

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