Uninterrupted conversation? Who knew that existed? Family time is swell, but sometimes it’s nice to line up a sitter to spend time in a kid-free zone. Whether you swap stories over a meal or bond while touring some of the city’s most architecturally significant buildings, we’ve rounded up low-key, sitter-worthy ideas for adult fun. Enjoy the sound of silence!

Take your nosey neighbor tendencies to the streets of Chicago

Who hasn't gone to an open house just to take a peek at the cool digs down the street? Now you can do that with some of the most iconic and architectural unique buildings in Chicago with Chicago Architecture Foundation's Open House Chicago. Mark your calendars for October 14 and 15 to venture into neighborhoods you haven't yet explored to learn the stories and experience the vast diversity and culture of each of the 22 communities. From sneaking a look at Portage Theater and learning the history of Six Corners to exploring museums and a rooftop farm in the South Loop, there's something for every curiosity.

You have 48 hours to hit 200 memorable spots. Ready. Set. Go! Online: openhousechicago.org

photo: Clarke House in South Loop courtesy of Michael Beasley

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— Maria Chambers