No doubt grownups need to spend time in a kid-free zone every once in a while, and date nights were invented for just that reason. But sometimes it’s fun to skip the sitter and have the littles crash the party. Click through for family date night ideas that are fun for the whole gang, from crashing at a museum for the night to catching dinner and a show. Adult conversation is a snooze fest anyway, right?

Chow Time: The Kids’ Table

Got a picky eater? The Kids’ Table offers a great opportunity to entice kiddos to try new foods, while having a great time prepping and cooking the meal as a family. It’s the perfect combo of a fun activity, hands-on cooking instruction and a delicious dinner. Bonus: You get the recipes so you can recreate the dishes at home.  Perfect for families (including grandparents) with kiddos ages 2 and up.

Dates: Oct. 14 & 27, Nov. 4, 10 & 25, Dec. 1, 9 & 22
Cost: $25/person
2337 W. North Ave.
Wicker Park

Dates: Oct. 13 & 21, Nov. 3, 11 & 17, Dec. 8, 16 & 29
2864 N. Lincoln Ave.

photo: The Kids' Table

What does your family like to do for date night? Let us know in the Comments!

— Maria Chambers