It’s a bird. It’s a plane. It’s a super dad! And in Chicago we have lots of them. Meet 10 local dads that are special in more ways than one. Whether baking cookies, advocating for families, inspiring scientific minds or making strides in medicine, these fathers are huggable heroes that balance their careers, their families and maybe even a superpower or two. Flip through our album to meet them.

The Science Wiz: Shegan Champbell

If you’ve got future scientists in your family or simply curious kiddos, Shegan is the man you need to know. Five years ago, he quit his job as Director of Investments for a large institutional investment firm to start Kids Science Labs. As the co-founder and CEO of KSL, this South Loop father of three wants to inspire little ones to ask questions and discover answers, from why pillows are soft, to why our feet stink. This is truly a family operation because his three kids -- Zara (9) ,Elan (4) and Silas (6 months) -- are a constant presence. This year, Shegan is hoping to bring KSL to other neighborhoods so more children have access to great science education.

Photo: Tiia Norsym Photography

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— Natasha Davis