Sound the alarm! If you have a firefighter fan in the family, there’s a day trip you have to try. FireZone, located in Schaumburg, is the only interactive firehouse play space in the country. Owned and operated by real firefighters, it’s an engaging place to learn about the essentials of fire safety while getting hands-on with costumes and gear.


What It Is
FireZone’s educational and visually stimulating surroundings are designed by firefighters and themed from end to end. Upon entering the 7,000-square-foot facility, you’ll see a blaze of red, white, and black — traditional firehouse colors. Walls are lined with memorabilia such as photographs of local firehouses, as well as customary gear and equipment. To really set the mood, there are audio effects (a mix of emergency dispatch calls) and kiddie fire safety songs piped in.

firehouse stories

Awesome Activities
Drop-in open play is held every Wednesday and Friday during the school year (check the schedule online for the most current hours). It offers a range of activities that teach your tykes about fire safety — and get them tuckered out in the best of ways. First, they’ll get swept in the spirit by dressing up in firefighter outfits and strapping on toy gear. All suited up? Now the fun really begins.

Slide down the fire pole, explore a mini firehouse, try a water city simulator, tour an ambulance, pull on the ladders, take calls in the dispatch center, or escape on a slide from a burning building. Don’t miss climbing into the fire truck for a photo opp. Schedule your visit around fire safety-themed story time, held on Wednesdays.


Birthday Parties & Field Trips
Birthday parties and field trips are considered private events and closed off to the public. Better yet, each 90-minute party is all inclusive; that means the entertainment, cake, party favors, invites and even thank-you notes are covered by FireZone. A highlight is the “Timmy Rescue,” an activity reserved solely for birthday parties and field trips. Here, firefighters teach the guests about fire safety and lead the children in a simulated rescue scene where they get to save the victim, Timmy, from a fire scene.

Fire Pole

Good to Know
Activities here are best suited for kids ages 2-7. No outside food or drink is allowed in the facility but there are snacks to purchase; complimentary coffee is offered to adults. To steer clear of the biggest crowds, avoid holidays when children are off from school. Drop-in activities are every Wednesday and Friday from 10 a.m.-1 p.m., with additional days added on some weekends. Check the online calendar for added drop-in dates. Admission for open play is $9/child (age 1 and up). The first adult is free; each additional adult is $4.

Now that you’re all fired up, get out there and explore!

1100 National Pkwy.
Schaumburg, IL

Who’s up for a trip to FireZone? Let us know what you think of this spot in the Comments!

— Jenny Muslin