Pregnancy came with some sweet benefits. We’re talking justifiable Dairy Queen splurges and late-night leftover pizza binges. Now you’re ready to pretend it never happened, but between naps, diaper changes and mealtimes, when do you fit in fitness? When you can bring baby with you, that’s when. Click through our album to find six group exercise classes that welcome your child, too.

For Stroller Yoga: Baby Boot Camp

You’ve got full permission to admit you’re stressed out. You also have the right to take that stress level and shove it in the diaper pail. Which is where Baby Boot Camp’s STROLLGA classes come in. Your baby sits in awe as you hold your chair pose, reach for him and sing him songs like, “You Are My Sunshine.” Downward dog? Accomplished by grabbing onto the bottom of your babe’s stroller. And if your little one complains that you’ve taken your eyes off of him, just give the stroller a soothing jiggle.

First class is free; 8-punch pass $89; month-to-month $65; 12-month commitment $55 per month; one-time $59 enrollment fee. Meets in Centennial Park, 500 W. Jackson Ave., Naperville. Call 630-362-2866 or go to


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— Elisa Drake