We’re all doing our part to stay at home as much as possible, so limiting grocery store runs and restaurant visits is one way we can stay snug at home. However, the dinner-time creativity may be waning or meal-planning fatigue may be setting in, so let one of these meal delivery services take over.

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If you’re good about meal planning in advance, this is a great solution for you. With Kitchfix, you order a few meals for the week ahead of time and have them delivered to your home. Their normal service includes pick up at a local pub, but they've suspended that for the time being, making delivery the only option. You can also request a "no contact" delivery by selecting the box that says "okay to leave unattended". See their website for other measures they have in place to protect customers during COVID-19.

These meals come in a variety of sizes and can be real people pleasers. This service is great for the kiddos because they’re very cognizant of food allergies for little ones. Tip: Be sure to try their wildly popular granola (it's great addition to homemade smoothie bowls or to liven up your standard cup of yogurt). 

Online: kitchfix.com

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This one has become a busy parent’s dream! While this isn’t meal delivery per se, it’s grocery delivery, sometimes having someone do the shopping for you is the little time-saving boost you need. See a recipe you want to make while cruising Instagram? Point click and order everything you need (from Mariano’s, Whole Foods, Jewel, Costco—just to give a few examples) and have it delivered. If they are out of something, they will text (or call) and ask how they might be able to replace the item for you. Pro tip: Some areas have pet store and liquor store delivery. Just be aware that we've been checking the delivery times and in some areas, they are days out. 

Online: instacart.com

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For those Chicagoans who crushed on Radish, they were purchased by Tovala, which shares the same goal of making it easy to eat incredibly healthy meals in the comfort of home. This one is a bit different from other services, as it requires the use of a steam oven, which you can order through them. The Tovala convection bakes and broils just like a regular oven, but it also steams, making your proteins juicier and more tender and veggies more flavorful. 

Online: tovala.com

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Slowly expanding from the city to the suburbs, these guys will pretty much bring you anything you want—not only food, liquor as well!

Online: postmates.com

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Craving a dish from one of your favorite Chicago restaurants? Door Dash probably delivers from there, from national favorites, like Chipotle, to neighborhood gems you're crushing on. They have “dashers” stationed around the city so that when you’ve placed your order, they’re there and ready for a speedy delivery.

Online: doordash.com


HelloFresh is a pretty great option for families that like to serve home-cooked meals, but don't have time for grocery shopping. You pick the number of meals and number of people who will be eating the meals, and you receive a cardboard box on your porch with ingredient cards and each meal's ingredients individually packaged. They even have a well-rounded Veggie Meal plan for families that like to pass on meat and fish. 

Online: hellofresh.com

photo: Nurture Life

Nurture Life

With grocery store shelves sitting empty and schools closed, you could be driven to your wits end planning three square meals for the kids at home. Chicago-based subscription meal service Nurture Life prepares fresh, ready-to-enjoy food options that appeal to kids ages 10 mos.-11 yrs. Each meal focuses on organic produce, antibiotic-free proteins whole grains and can be served up in 2 minutes or less.

Online: nurturelife.com


For those on a plant-based diet, or looking to dip their toes into giving it a try, Veestro offers vegan meal delivery to your home. They do a good job of getting creative with their meals and combating the myth that vegans just eat lettuce. Each meal arrives frozen in an insulated shipping container and can be kept in the freezer for up to 8 weeks. They even offer a Weight Loss Plan for those looking to trim a few pounds. 

Online: veestro.com

photo: Spirit Hub

Spirit Hub

Setup a fun spirits tasting with your significant other as a date-night-in idea! Spirit Hub is one of America's legally compliant online marketplaces for uncommon craft spirits from independent distilleries across the country, authorized to deliver straight to IL residents' doors. They've rolled out a Contact Limited Delivery option for the safety of its customers and drivers. With this option, drivers will call/text when they arrive and drop off the order on a customer’s doorstep, in the lobby or other area designated by the customer — ID’s may still need to be provided but the drivers will be aware of the limited contact during the transaction.

Online: spirithub.com

photo: Home Chef

Home Chef

Versatility is what makes Home Chef stand out in the meal delivery crowd. You can choose to select your meals ahead of time, or for those that prefer to skip the planning phase, wing it and grab a meal to go at Mariano’s. Every kit you order from Home Chef has all the ingredients you need to make a simple delicious meal with options that take 30 minutes or less, 15 minutes or less or lunch kits that can be assembled in 5 minutes. They also just recently introduced the ability to customize your protein in online orders and added slow cooker and carb and calorie-conscious meals.

Online: homechef.com


— Maria Chambers & Christa Reed


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