Hi Five Sports Zone

Hi-Five Sports @ Home are classes that focus on in-home PE Enrichment and most importantly….Entertainment! Our goal is to keep your children engaged and entertained while keeping them active. Our team has re-designed our typical programs to fit better with Zoom and video. This is a great way for parents to get a much needed break while Hi-Five takes over. These classes allow children to find new ways to have fun, socialize with coaches and other kids…while building strength and agility. All classes are LIVE on Zoom. When you register for a class you will receive a private Zoom link so you can attend classes at the given times.

Parents can participate or take a breather

Hi-Five Sports LIVE on Facebook! You can also visit our Hi-Five Sports Zone Northbrook Court Facebook page to stay up to date with LIVE Facebook feeds and contests throughout the week.

-from Danny Tuchman, Hi Five Sports Zone
1515 Lake Cook Road Northbrook Courty
Northbrook, IL 60062
Phone: 8472299555
Online: https://www.hifivesportsclubs.com/northshore_online_classes/


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