Is your kid an Energizer Bunny? Birthdays are no time to flip the “off” switch. Keep everyone’s energy up at an indoor venue where you’re encouraged to run, jump, dance and play. Flip through our album to discover 11 of the best party places for active tots, from a choose-your-own-adventure sports arena to a bouncy kingdom with superhero flair.

Dance On A Sugar High

Combine the best of two sweet worlds, dance and candy. Sweet Buddha, a Lincoln Park sweets shop, has teamed up with Chicago Loves Dance, a local dance teaching team, to offer birthday parties. Kids gather in the colorful candy shop and get hip to interactive choreography, learn the latest moves to pop songs, play dance games, and rock out during a freestyle dance/break-dancing session. A dance train around the well-stocked candy bar will make the birthday kid’s special day unforgettable.

Sweet Buddha, 917 W. Armitage Ave. (312-804-9900 or

What is your favorite place for an indoor birthday party? Let us know in the Comments section below.

— Amy Bizzarri