Ever had a don’t-want-to-leave-the-house day? Brace your kids for big fun this season — and you don’t have to move an inch. Many fantastic children’s classes will come to you, from gym romps to music lessons to art experiences. Flip through our album to see our picks for great in-home classes for groups large and small.

For Gym-tastic Adventures: George’s Gym

Avoid a mini-Lord of the Flies experience at your next at-home shindig by giving the folks at George’s Gym a holler for an organized yet fun-packed party. They’ll create customized birthday party packages for kids that includes awesome games, group activities and creative craft based on whatever theme you’ve dreamed up. Snap pics and relax because they’ll even deal with serving the food and cake.

Ages: 2.5 & up

Cost: $15 per child, per hour (minimum 3 kids for 3 hours); cost of parking, if any

Travels within Chicago and the North Suburbs.

For more info, go to georgesgymllc.com.

Photo: Angela B. Garbot

Have you ever had a class come to your home? Let us know about it in the Comments!

— Maria Chambers and Jenny Muslin