Ever had a don’t-want-to-leave-the-house day? Brace your kids for big fun this season — and you don’t have to move an inch. Many fantastic children’s classes will come to you, from gym romps to music lessons to art experiences. Flip through our album to see our picks for great in-home classes for groups large and small.

For Musical Merriment: Tunes with Tim

Whether your child likes to jam to the Beatles or groove to nursery rhymes, Tim will get their feet moving, hips swaying and hands clapping. But this isn’t just any old jam session -- he also teaches music techniques like rhythm, tempo, melody and harmony. Having grown up in a musical family and starting music education at a young age, Tim’s passion for song shines through each of his 45-minute, interactive sessions. Kids can sing along while playing tambourines and shakers and have fun with a finale of bubbles. All in all, these classes are great for expanding a child's social, physical, creative and cognitive skills.

Ages: Newborn and up.

Cost: Custom packages and quotes are available by request and rates may vary.

Travels within the city of Chicago and some suburbs.

For more info, go to tuneswithtim.com.

Have you ever had a class come to your home? Let us know about it in the Comments!

— Maria Chambers and Jenny Muslin