Ever had a don’t-want-to-leave-the-house day? Brace your kids for big fun this season — and you don’t have to move an inch. Many fantastic children’s classes will come to you, from gym romps to music lessons to art experiences. Flip through our album to see our picks for great in-home classes for groups large and small.

For Cooking Capers: The Kids’ Table

Is your little one drawn to the kitchen? The Kids' Table can show him or her the ropes. One-hour at-home classes include customized menus, engaging instructors, fresh ingredients, hands-on cooking and, of course, eating. Instructors bring everything to you so no kitchen prep or grocery shopping beforehand is necessary. Children learn techniques from chopping and grating to washing dishes and cleaning up (hurray!). They cook one or two healthy, vegetarian recipes that can be customized around a theme or cuisine.

Ages: 2 and up.

Cost: Pricing varies, depending on the number of participants, the length of the class and the day of the week it is scheduled for. 1 hour weekday class begins at $300. 2 hour weekday class begins at $400. 1.5 to 2 hour weekend party begins at $450. These prices are for classes up to 10 kids, but can accommodate up to 30 kids.

For more info, go to kids-table.com or call 773-235-2665.

Have you ever had a class come to your home? Let us know about it in the Comments!

— Maria Chambers and Jenny Muslin