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Kids Science Labs started in 2010 when we got together to try to solve a problem that mattered deeply to us which could make a difference in kids’ lives and change their perspectives forever.  The problem we struggled with was “Why is it that from the time they are infants, kids are the worlds’ best problem solvers and full of creativity, yet as they get older, so many of them think science is boring and just uninspiring?

Kids’ brains are wired to solve problems. Just try locking a cabinet, leaving them alone for 2 minutes in the room, or letting them mix cookies. They are brilliant engineers and investigators, but then by 5th grade, research suggests that they are already losing creativity.  It didn’t make sense. Science is the #1 academic subject of kids across the U.S. until fifth grade, mostly because kids  get to “do stuff” in science.  So Kids Science Labs was born, to be that place where kids can ask the questions they really want to know about, where they use their ingenuity to design and create, where they practice problem solving, and learn that failure is not on outcome just a step in the journey.  Join us.


-Keith Norsym & Shegan Campbell, Kids Science Labs
Phone: 312-846-1426
Online: kidssciencelabs.com
Twitter: twitter.com/kidssciencelabs
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