Few things make parents happier than finding free entertainment, especially when it involves water play on a beautiful hot summer day. Gather your pennies — so, um, we guess it’s not totally free — because we rounded up local water fountains worthy of your wishes. Some you can actually play in! From the world-famous and massive to the tiny and refreshing, these picks will put a smile on your face and a click in your camera.

Fountain of Time

Simply known as "Time," artist Lorado Taft's creation is thought of as the most monumental piece of art in Chicago's Public Art Program and was the first to be completed using concrete. It was created in 1920 as a monument to the first 100 years of peace between the U.S. and Great Britain. Across a reflecting pool, Father Time looks over 100 figures representing birth, the struggle for existence, love, family life, religion, poetry and war. It might seem like a lot to explain to the kiddos, so if you want to leave the deep, philosophical discussion aside, just take in its beauty, toss some pennies in and snap a few pics. The sheer mass and intricacy of the 110-foot long sculpture will make this visit to Washington Park a treat for little ones.

Cottage Grove Avenue & 59th Street
Hyde Park
Online: cityofchicago.org

photo: Fountain of Time by Richie Diesterheft via Flickr

Know of a fountain that’s perfect for pictures (and your pennies)? Let us know in the Comments!

— Maria Chambers