Few things make parents happier than finding free entertainment, especially when it involves water play on a beautiful hot summer day. Gather your pennies — so, um, we guess it’s not totally free — because we rounded up local water fountains worthy of your wishes. Some you can actually play in! From the world-famous and massive to the tiny and refreshing, these picks will put a smile on your face and a click in your camera.

Trio of Sculptural Drinking Fountains

We’ve shown you where to toss your wish-carrying pennies and dip your toes, but how about where to wet your whistle? Lincoln Park Zoo has a trio of sculptural drinking fountains that put the old-school drinking fountains to shame. Just west of the Kovler Lion House, you’ll find “Lion Fountain” (shown above) which depicts a lion pride — an adult male, adult female and three small cubs mounted on a bronze podium where they appear to be sharing a drink with their human friends. North of the Regenstein African Journey near Conservatory Gate is the home to “Elephant Fountain” where a bronze mama and baby elephant wait patiently for visitors to supply them with a cool drink of H20. Lastly “For the Young at Heart” at the Pritzker Family Children’s Zoo features a rabbit, dear, raccoon and nut-carrying squirrel frolicking near its three spouts. Remember, admission to Lincoln Park Zoo is free!

Lincoln Park Zoo
2001 N. Clark St.
Lincoln Park
Online: lpzoo.org

Know of a fountain that’s perfect for pictures (and your pennies)? Let us know in the Comments!

— Maria Chambers