As parents, we all do it all. (Yay, us!) And then there are those moms that really catch our eyes because, on top of it, they have started their own amazing businesses. You might be surprised to learn just how many supermoms live just around the corner from you. Click through our album to meet local momtrepreneurs that are making it as CEOs of their own companies, and happen to be funny, charming and sweet, too.

Sharon Schneider – Moxie Jean

Meet the mom behind your favorite hub for chic, brand-name savings online. With Moxie Jean, this Mount Prospect mom brings you discounted clothing for babies and kids, and she recently introduced maternity wear. She's also been working on a new iPhone app, which will make ordering the perfect piece that much easier. The company was created out of Sharon’s desire to get off the hamster wheel that is the corporate world and do some good. Along the way, she has learned to share her responsibilities with her husband as a partner and the second-in-command when it comes to decision making. Play time is also family affair. With Audrey, 11, it’s cooking extravaganzas; and for Charlie, 9, it’s all about The Avengers; and for Willa, 4, it’s the wonderful world of puzzles.

Her biz:

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— Natasha Davis