As parents, we all do it all. (Yay, us!) And then there are those moms that really catch our eyes because, on top of it, they have started their own amazing businesses. You might be surprised to learn just how many supermoms live just around the corner from you. Click through our album to meet local momtrepreneurs that are making it as CEOs of their own companies, and happen to be funny, charming and sweet, too.

Tiffany Kurtz – Flirty Cupcakes

Tiffany is one sweet foodie revolutionary. She created Flirty Cupcakes in 2010 out of a beat-up ice cream truck, and for the icing on the cake, this was the first legal food truck in Chicago! The business was so successful that she had to leave the cushy corporate world behind for the frosting-filled world of cupcakes. If you want a sit-down experience, she also added two brick-and-mortar locations. This West Loop mom enjoys traveling, but her fave pastime is making up funny new little songs and playing hide and seek with her two-year-old son, Landry. For Tiffany, having it all means giving her attention to Landry during mom-and-me time, and working around his daycare, nap and Thomas the Train viewing schedule.

Her biz:

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— Natasha Davis