As parents, we all do it all. (Yay, us!) And then there are those moms that really catch our eyes because, on top of it, they have started their own amazing businesses. You might be surprised to learn just how many supermoms live just around the corner from you. Click through our album to meet local momtrepreneurs that are making it as CEOs of their own companies, and happen to be funny, charming and sweet, too.

Katherine McHenry – Building Blocks Toy Store

Your kiddos have probably gone goo-goo ga-ga for the treasure trove that is Building Blocks Toy Store, and this is the woman who started it all. Katherine has been an entrepreneur since she started selling candy from her bunk bed at age nine. Over the past 18 years, Building Blocks has become Chicago's go-to shop for toys, books, & games, and it's even won a Red Tricycle Totally Awesome Award! During her time as a business owner, Katherine also had two children, Tai, 5, and Linh, 3, and she balances her work and life with the help of her husband. Apart from the store, Katherine also founded the Moms in Business Group, a subgroup of Neighborhood Parents Network (NPN), which offers support to business-owning moms.

Her biz:

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— Natasha Davis