As parents, we all do it all. (Yay, us!) And then there are those moms that really catch our eyes because, on top of it, they have started their own amazing businesses. You might be surprised to learn just how many supermoms live just around the corner from you. Click through our album to meet local momtrepreneurs that are making it as CEOs of their own companies, and happen to be funny, charming and sweet, too.

Monica Royer, CEO + Founder, Monica + Andy

A stop into Monica’s Lincoln Park Monica + Andy shop should be a must-do on every mom’s shopping list. This mom to a 5 ½ year daughter created this oh-so-adorable kids’ and baby shop for the sole purpose of making things better for moms and their babies, focusing on everything from better fabrics to better ways to shop for them. From this simple concept grew a space where moms come together to not only shop, but bond at one of the many events that encompass singing, dancing, bubbles, music, yoga, laughter and learning. Best part? The larger events always have a charity that benefits. The one that’s beauty can move Monica to tears is the Chicago Children’s Choir.

Advice for a young girl today: “Dream big, but know the path might be long.  You will eventually get to where you want to go but don't be afraid to work hard doing and learning as much as you can in your 20's.   It is not always about the specific job duties. Interacting with people is sometimes where you find the real learning.”  

Favorite quote: My mom explained to me once as a kid that she would always tell me what I needed to hear vs. what I wanted to hear.  She said, “You will have many friends in life but only one mom.”

Best advice ever received: “It’s now or never.”

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— Natasha Davis