Chicago is a music city — especially for families. Nearly every weekend you can find a kindie rock concert everywhere from libraries to play spaces to museums. Things really come alive during the holidays. Chicago kindie-folk starlet Little Miss Ann put together this photo album, which is full of picks for the season’s best shows and gives you an inside look at the local musicians who will rock them. Flip through the album and jam out.

Little Miss Ann

{Editor's note: We felt this story wasn't complete without including Little Miss Ann herself! So we added this section about her and her holiday gig.}

Why she rocks:
Ann's passion for the local kindie rock scene is as powerful as her vocal chords. A former special education teacher, her upbeat folk-rock tunes have a way of touching young and old. She's released three CDs -- and a lot of positive energy into the air.

Her favorite holiday memory:
Says Ann, "Being the foodie that I am, my favorite memory was never just the turkey but all the Filipino food on the table like pancit (a noodle dish), Filipino-style steak and seafood, fried rice, empanadas, lumpia and more. Now when I cook a Filipino dish or go to a Filipino restaurant, it is like coming home."

Her holiday gig:
The Little Miss Ann Band will rock Beat Kitchen on Sunday, December 8, at noon. Her show will feature a couple of holiday songs, plus new songs from her upcoming CD.

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— Ann Torralba (aka: Little Miss Ann)