Your kiddos might beg for Flamin’ Cheetos, but you’re hot on the trail of something healthier. Pack their lunchbox or please them after school with locally made artisanal snacks. Click through our album to discover snack bars, chips, muffins and cookies that taste so fab that your tots kids won’t even realize they’re also good for you.

I Heart Keenwah

For snackers who crave a crunch, this is the healthy alternative to a cloyingly sweet nut brittle. Plus, it doesn’t get stuck in your teeth. Quinoa grain, puffs and flakes are roasted for crunch in Buffalo Grove to bring out the grain’s nutty flavor, then spiced up with extras like chocolate and sea salt or cranberry and cashew.

Find them: Whole Foods, Sunset Foods, Treasure Island, Potash Bros., Walgreens and online at Abe’s Market.

What is your favorite thing to pack in the lunchbox? Let us know in the Comments!

— Amber Gibson