As a mom raising three daughters, I believe strongly that they can do anything, be anything, and like anything.  Clothes are expressions of who we are, and so it is important that there are clothes out there for all girls. Makoshey (pronounced Mak-O-shay) is a clothing brand that makes clothes for active, independent girls ages 6-14 looking for a break from the trends of tight, short, pink, and sparkly.
Our t-shirts have unique and empowering designs and a super-soft feel.  We have three categories of tees: sports, power words, and inspiring quotes from historical women.  We are proud to print all our shirts right here in Chicago. Makoshey is continually adding more awesome designs and we will soon launch our first line of terry shorts, which have a longer fit and great pockets so girls can feel confident and be themselves.

-from Kristen, Makoshey
Online: https://makoshey.com/