Looking for fall fun? Our Red Tricycle Chicago writers know where to find it. We asked the adventuresome contributing writers to give you the scoop on their favorite thing to do with their family this time of year. From hidden-gem pumpkin patches to bountiful farmers’ markets, they’re all over it. Click through to meet our writers and discover their must-do’s.

Wendy Altschuler

Halloween is big at our house and the costume-wearing usually hangs over into the rest of the autumn season (oh, who am I kidding—my kids wear costumes throughout the year!). My boys love dressing up as ninja warriors, swinging and climbing on the playground; they don capes and masks while wielding swords and they're always game for a silly mask or wig. For me? I love pumpkin pie, seasonal beers and cooler temps that require fun boots and chunky sweaters.


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Photos: Courtesy of the writers; Jo Aaron photo by TK Photography