Looking for fall fun? Our Red Tricycle Chicago writers know where to find it. We asked the adventuresome contributing writers to give you the scoop on their favorite thing to do with their family this time of year. From hidden-gem pumpkin patches to bountiful farmers’ markets, they’re all over it. Click through to meet our writers and discover their must-do’s.

Taylor Wood

Between you, me, and the (beautiful orange, yellow, and red!) trees, fall is my favorite time of the year in Chicago. As the weather cools a bit everyone’s schedules settle down, tourists flee the scene, and the city really becomes a time to slow down and savor every last moment before the winter comes. At any given moment you can find us crunching the leaves at the park and playlots. While it’s not too cold – and even when it is! – we love heading out to Bobtail Ice Cream in Lakeview for pumpkin ice cream. Some of the Oktoberfest celebrations have great family activities, and this year we are also going to check out the new Lincoln Park Fall Fest to see the animals without it being too hot. Bring on the cider and pumpkin bread recipes, I’m ready for fall! (Just so long as it’s not an early winter…)


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Photos: Courtesy of the writers; Jo Aaron photo by TK Photography