What is Naperville Yard? It might be easier to answer, what isn’t Naperville Yard?, but here goes:  It’s a sports complex, it’s a daycare, it’s a birthday party venue — it’s a super space! The western suburb’s newest 103,000-square-foot indoor facility features turf fields that see action from Midwest BOOM Football 7 v 7, soccer, lacrosse via New Wave Lacrosse and more! Read on to learn how this space isn’t just your run-of-the-mill indoor field and how they’re home to one of the most respected sports performance training leaders in Chicagoland, Acceleration Sports Performance.

Naperville Yard Field 2photo: Naperville Yard via Maria Chambers

Kickstart a love for sports with Mighty Tykes
Starting in the fall, Naperville Yard will begin their popular Mighty Tykes program for ages 2-6 that is a favorite at their Westmont Yard location. Through a mixture of fun games and creative activities, kids learn the basics of soccer, baseball and sports fitness with varying levels of parent involvement, depending on the age. Classes are typically 45 minutes and are set up in 8-week sessions.

Not just any old daycare, Active Childcare
Just in time for summer, Naperville Yard will begin operating their Active Childcare program, which is a full-service daycare center and preschool with half and full-day options. The facility has capacity for up to 167 students and staffs teachers who facilitate developmentally appropriate programming for kids ranging from 6 weeks to pre-K. They cover everything from social/emotional development to math and reading concepts to ensure grade school readiness. Students will also have supervised access to the turf fields and play structures, which supports the gross motor skill development portion of their curriculum.

Naperville Yard Kids Playingphoto: Naperville Yard via Kim McMahon

Schools out, now what? After School Sports, that’s what!
We’re answering that dreaded age-old question of what to do with your grade school kids before and after school — send them to the Yard for After School Sports. Beginning in the fall, they’ll offer programs for Kindergarten through 6th grade with transportation provided from select Naperville schools. Students will have access to inflatables, a climbing structure, the playroom, and can participate in a variety of sports and professionally trained classes. Check back in late summer to find out if they service your school.

Naperville Yard Inflatables 2photo: Naperville Yard inflatables

Party like it’s your birthday, because . . . well, it is!
There’s a new party space in town and we have two words for you that make this venue unique. Nerf Wars. What kid wouldn’t love a Nerf War party, right? While Nerf mischief between siblings happens on the regular, Naperville Yard takes the battle (and wartime cleanup) out of your house for the day with this $25 party add-on. Besides providing the opportunity to launch an attack on friends, a party here includes access to a 5-level play structure, inflatables, field games, invitations, a party coordinator, goodie bags and more!

Naperville Yard Birthdayphoto: courtesy of Kelly Douglas

Party packages for a two-hour party range from the Supreme ($225) to The Dream ($395), with variations including number of friends (10 vs 20), party food and goodie bag inclusion, and a soccer ball for the birthday star. What are you waiting for? Bring the cake, let Naperville Yard provide the food and fun and watch your kiddos kick, bounce and Nerf War their way into being another year cooler.

Naperville Yard Jungle Gymphoto: Naperville Yard climbing structure

Just looking to monkey around?
It’s Parenting Survival 101 to have new destinations in your back pocket where you can take a load off while the kids play their way into a nap-time stupor. These sanctuaries are easy finds when the temps cooperate and you can snag a bench at any local park. But come rain, sleet, cold or sweltering heat, Naperville Yard has you covered as of March 12 with their indoor 5-story climbing structure where $8 buys you pre-occupied kid time.

Naperville Yard
1607 Legacy Cir.
Online: napervilleyard.com

Acceleration Boy Jumpingphoto: Acceleration Sports Performance

Acceleration at the Yard . . . the training you never knew your budding athletes needed
Did you know Naperville is home to one of the nation’s leading sports training facilities, servicing youth athletes through professional-level competitors? Yep, they are, and they naturally chose Naperville Yard to house their newest location, Acceleration at the Yard. A quick glance to your right when you enter the facility might be rewarded with sightings of athletes like Brittany Bock and Casey Short of the Chicago Red Stars, Jason Williams and Cameron Brate, former and current Tampa Bay Buccaneers players or former Bachelorette favorite and personal trainer, Justin Reich. And, that’s just to name the few who were onsite when Red Tricycle popped in for the day.

Acceleration Treadmillphoto: Acceleration Sports Performance

So, they can clearly draw the proven athlete crowd, but what does this mean for the soccer, football, baseball, swimming, basketball, track (and any other sport you can name) youth athletes of Chicago  — and the minivan drivers that taxi them from field-to-pool-to-court? While kids are often blessed with passionate and inspiring coaches, those coaches aren’t usually certified to train athletes in a way that arms them with the foundation required for understanding how to use their bodies correctly to achieve optimum speed and agility, while minimizing injury that can come from overuse of muscles, improper form and lack of basic body familiarity. With most kids today playing multiple sports, it’s imperative they build core strength and learn the proper techniques required to keep them safe. This is where Acceleration comes in.

Not only does Acceleration empower kids with a deep understanding of and comfortability with their bodies that travels with them into adulthood, the athletes who currently train here speak of the trainers’ abilities to provide positive role modeling in a family-like atmosphere that feels safe and supportive. Trainees achieve not only great physical strength, but a mental toughness and a belief, reinforced by the trainers, that they have more to offer than just being a great athlete. Which, is important when they’re down for the count with an injury.

If you have a gifted athlete that’s at least 7-years-old who’s driven to achieve success in their chosen sport into their college years and beyond, it’s worth making a call to Acceleration to gain that competitive edge, keep injuries at a minimum and give them a like-minded support network.

Acceleration at the Yard
1607 Legacy Cir.
Online: trainacceleration.com

Acceleration Naperville
1740 Quincy
Online: accelerationpro.com

Have you played at Naperville Yard or experienced Acceleration Sports Performance training firsthand? Share your experience in the Comments below!

— Maria Chambers